• Swedish National League - Malmö (29/04 - 30/04)
  • -/-
  • EBT Aalborg International - Denmark (25/05 - 28/05)
  • -/-
  • EBT Masters - Aalborg, Denmark (29/05)









It's been a while!

Monday, 23rd January 2017

As the title says, it's been too long since I updated this site! I have been pretty busy with National Leagues, the World Series, Qatar, Xmas Doubles, Christmas & New Year celebrations, working as a technician at the bowl & the Ballmaster Open all since my last update!

Some good news to mention; I have re-signed with Radical for another year and have also now signed an International Staff Contract with Turbo Grips!! Looking forward to representing the Radical/Brunswick family again & Turbo Grips for hopefully another successful year!!

The Xmas Doubles turnout was excellent, we had 160 total entries paying out over £2,000 total prize fund! The entries are already open for the Easter Re-Entry Doubles for this year which will be held on Easter Weekend! We are still gauging the interest for the following, but should we need to (and the bowl agree) we will run two (2) additional squads on the Bank Holiday Monday morning to accommodate more entries as we are unable to have as many lanes per squad as previous events.

I am now playing pretty much full-time for BK FH Engelholm in the Swedish Elite Series League and I am loving every minute of it! I would love to see team play done like this elsewhere with as much passion as is on display over there! My calendar is pretty much full of trips over to bowl matches for them up until May so really looking forward to the run-up to the final weekend of the season!!

Last, but not least, Radical have released two new balls for the New Year; The Cash & the Xeno Pearl!! Both balls have already been reviewed and have reaction videos on YouTube written and filmed by yours truly; you can find them under Blog -> Ball Reviews! Go check them out and don't miss out on either of these great new releases!!

That's all for now! I know I said this before but I have a little more time this time around to try and get some backend stuff coded to make updating this a bit easier during my travels so keep an eye out on the site for new updates regularly!! Bye for now!!

Updates & News

Monday, 05th September 2016

Hello everyone!
I know it has been a while since I posted any updates on here, so the past few days I have been updating the site and preparing to finish the back-end coding so I can update the site as quickly and efficiently as possible in the future!

A few things have happened since my last update:
- I left my job and am now a Semi-Professional Bowler, Coach & a Part Time Pinspotter Technician at the Airport Bowl
- I won my 1st EBT Title in Madrid in July
- I won the London International at Airport Bowl last month
- I have signed up for the PBA World Series of Bowling VIII this coming November
- 3 New Radical Balls were released over the summer; the Guru Pearl Ltd, the Ridiculous Pearl and the Xeno. The reviews and videos for all 3 have been uploaded to the site under "Blog -> Ball Reviews"

As you can see I have had, and still have a VERY busy few months to finish off this already incredible year!! Please bear with me while I update other parts of the website but many of the areas have been updated!

The new season of the Sport Scratch League should be up and running in the next few weeks with the AGM meeting taking place this Wednesday (7th) - so those pages will be updated by the end of the week with all the relevant information! If you are interested in joining the league, please do not hesitate to contact me!

That's all for now guys, keep your eyes peeled for more regular updates from now on, seeing as I have a lot more time on my hands!!

Team Porky's & New Radical Release

Friday, 08th April 2016

As of the 26th March I have now officially joined the Porky's Pro Shop staff team! I am delighted to join this team and represent Porky's around Europe and the World - this now means...........that the brothers.................are back!!!

Next week will be the official release of the NEW Radical Jackpot; a new ball in the EZ-Use line that is unique to any other ball in the entire Radical range! A new high RG & high Differential core wrapped in a new Pearl coverstock create a brilliant core/cover combo that provides a versatile and unique reaction to the line and to you; the bowlers! The great thing about this release is you can create the same reaction shapes you generally get from a pearl coverstock, without the jerky over-reaction off the dry that is typical of many pearl covers!

With a fast response to friction that also utilises control and predictability, which is a staple of Radical balls, you will be missing out if you don't hit the Jackpot!!

Find my review and reaction video in the "Ball Reviews" section under "Blog"!!


Tuesday, 08th March 2016

It's been a while since I have updated this site so I have gone through and had a clean up and updated some things including:
- Blog
- Biography page
- Ball Reviews
- Tournament Calendar & Entry Forms page
- League Sheets & Weekly Results

Also, I have officially announced the pattern for the Re-Entry Easter Doubles! This will be Kegel Challenge Series - Route 66 - however, this will be modified to be 42 feet and not 45 feet! Info for this pattern can be found here!

We are also still taking entries for the 1st Retro Open (Plastic Ball Event) - this event requires 25 entries to run and the format will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the entry numbers we get! At present we have approx. 15-18 entries so far! If you are wishing to bowl this event on the 9th/10th April please contact me ASAP!

Entries are now OPEN!!

Monday, 25th January 2016

Entries are now officially open for both the Re-Entry Easter Doubles & the 1st Plastic Ball Retro Open!!

We have received the sanction numbers and can now announce the entries for these events are officially open! To download an entry form, go to the 'Entry Forms' section under 'Tournaments' and you can find the forms there! If you find the tournaments under 'Calendar' you will be able to few the schedules for both events and also see current squad availability for the Easter Doubles!

Hope to see you there!!

New Radical Releases!

Thursday, 21st January 2016

To go with the new Primo Solid, Radical have announced the February releases; Rave On and Ridiculous Asym!!

The Rave On will have a hybrid coverstock which will include friction enhancers used in the popular Guru Series and will be in Radical's "EZ-Use" Line - I expect this will compliment and be a slight step up from the Rack Attacks!

The Ridiculous Asym features an asymmetric version of the Ridiculous core and a "beefed-up" version of the original Ridiculous solid coverstock that comes out the box at 4000 grit finish! This ball will feature alongside the original Ridiculous in Radical's "Reliable" Line - I expect this will be a slight step up from the original Ridiculous, featuring a slightly smoother reaction shape than the original, but will still be a step down from the Guru Series/Top Shelf Line!

Cannot wait to get these through and see how they stack up!!

Radical Ray is Officially Here!!

Wednesday, 06th January 2016

It is official!! I have now signed as an International Staff Player for Radical Bowling Technologies!!

Radical Bowling

With the help of Graham Waller and Bowling Vision UK, I have been given the opportunity to represent the young, fast-growing brand I have been doing ball reviews for over the last two years! This is a remarkable opportunity and I am proud to represent Radical and join the established Brunswick family!

Get ready to be shown just how good the balls from the Radical Line are!! I will be drilling up and reviewing the latest Radical release; the Primo Solid, very soon! Keep your eyes peeled to the Ball Reviews section (under Blog) and my FaceBook page for updates on this great new ball!

Thank you to everyone for their support and kind messages congratulating me and welcoming me to the team/family!
Let's do work and represent!

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